Children's soccer | resident coach dream realization project

Two weeks ago, we laid artificial turf on the concrete floor, and thanks to the donation of the local government, we had goals and footballs. It was originally a paradise for children, but after the turf was laid, it became a dream court in the minds of children. Since then, the Taiwan Center has the shouting of boys from morning to night, and the laughter of girls is constant~ In Reihanle City, the football practice venue needs to be paid, only in the Taiwan Center, no charge, no time limit. As long as you can play football together peacefully, you are welcome to enter. Because only in the center of Taiwan, the children of Syria and Turkey, can communicate together really fairly. The Children's Soccer | Coach-in-Residence Dream Project benefits Syrian refugee children as well as vulnerable children in Turkey. Children are supposed to play and play football happily. Playing football on the field with your peers and fully participating in every second is the most real life! When the world has almost forgotten the needs of children, we have not forgotten. We were very pleased to see the whole process from the sidelines! These kids don't have mom and dad to take to team practice every week, and even their parents may not know their kids can play football! I didn't participate in any team with coaches, and I just came to the center every day to play. Street life without adult intervention is always based on the size of the fist as the standard of survival….          Along the way, the Taiwan Center has been thinking that the activities for children are not just short-lived, but meaningful, helpful, fun and educational in their lives. Football is the favorite of many young boys, starting from their favorite sport to learn #團體精神, #公民秩序, #尊重規則, this is the task given to it by Taiwan Center! We hope that there will be more activities for children in the future, and each time will make children more mature!  

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