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Children’s soccer | resident coach dream realization project

The Children’s Soccer | Coach-in-Residence Dream Project is an inspiring sports program for refugee children that aims to provide a safe and welcoming space for them to play football. Two weeks ago, the program laid artificial turf on the concrete floor and thanks to the local government’s donation, we were also able to receive goals and footballs. The once empty area became a paradise for children, a dream court in their eyes. In Reyhanli City, football venues need to be paid for, but at the Taiwan Centre, there is no charge and no time limit. Anyone who wants to play football peacefully is welcome to join, and for Syrian and Turkish children, it’s a place where they can communicate with each other fairly. The program benefits Syrian refugee children and vulnerable children in Turkey. For these kids, playing football on the field with peers and fully participating in every second is the most authentic experience in life. When the world has almost forgotten the needs of children, the program has not forgotten. Watching from the sidelines, the program coordinators are pleased to see the entire process unfold. You would be able to hear echoes with the sounds of boys shouting happily from morning till night, and girls’ constant laughter. These kids do not have parents to take them to team practice every week, and their parents may not even know that their kids can play football! They come to the center every day to play without any coach or team. The Taiwan Centre has been considering that children’s activities should not only be short-lived but also meaningful, helpful, fun, and educational for their lives. Football is a favorite sport for many young boys, starting from which they learn teamwork spirit, civic order, and respect for rules, which are the tasks given to them by the Taiwan Center. Moving forward, the program hopes that there will be more activities for children in the future, and each time will make children more mature. Overall, the Children’s Soccer | Coach-in-Residence Dream Project brings joy, hope, and a sense of community to the lives of refugee children.

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