The Taiwan - Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens​

Subsidy Program for Cultural Activities of the Ministry of Culture

Taiwan Reyhanli Centre was recently awarded a subsidy from the Ministry of Culture to lead cultural exchange activities with film screenings as the primary focus. The goal of these activities is to promote Taiwanese culture and encourage international exchanges, while cultivating awareness and appreciation of Taiwanese culture in the Asian community. Through carefully planned screening activities, the Taiwan Reyhanli Centre aims to increase local understanding of Taiwan. In the first year, the program titled “Taiwan Films Illuminate the Turkish-Syrian Border” was successfully launched under the Ministry of Culture’s subsidy program. In the second year, the organisation’s team plans to continue their efforts by applying for cultural activities exchange subsidies from the Ministry of Culture to host the “Taiwan Animation Film Carnival” at the Taiwan Centre. The goal is to use the Taiwan-base centre to further promote Taiwanese culture and encourage greater participation in cultural activities.


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