"Project 1001 Meows" Refugee Women Empowerment Project

One Thousand and One Meow is a collaboration between the Taiwan Center and five local non-profit organizations in Reihanle to teach Syrian and Turkish women to delicate handicrafts. Using traditional weaving techniques, cute and lively modern design, combined with local products, it is a good gift that touches people's hearts. One Thousand and One Meows is made up of hand-woven meow bath bags and fat meows (classic hallepo soap). Qiu Zhenyu said, "Every meow bath bag is unique. Every meow has a meow name. For every meow, there is a meow story. Every meow story is worth listening. Under the guidance of the Taiwan Center, the One Thousand and One Meows Project enables every woman to have their own unique meow bath bag design, made by themselves, without pretending to be others. Every woman is encouraged to turn her profound escape experience into a meow story. Let every woman have the right to be heard and heard. Therefore, although the sound of each meow is small, thousands of meows call together, and the world can hear the meow story. Then the world realized that the war had never ended, and that a large number of people were still struggling with suffering. Qiu Zhenyu believes that only stories can change people's hearts, and only when people's hearts change, the world will change. It only takes care, patience, a little cotton thread, a small iron rod and a little childlike heart to enable a woman to engage in productive behavior without leaving home. "Work and production is the best healing for everyone who has been traumatized by the scourge of war and the best way to regain their personal dignity and socio-economic status. Every meow brings happiness to every woman today. Each meow is their hope for tomorrow and the hope of their family."   The Meow Meow bath bag plus Fat Meow (classic hallerbo soap) is another special feature of the One Thousand and One Meow Plan. Hallepo soap is famous all over the world, about 2,000 years ago in ancient Rome, and has been recorded in history books because it is produced in the second largest city in Syria today – Hallepo – and it is famous for centuries. This soap is specially made with precious organic virgin olive oil combined with bay fruit oil in a golden ratio of four to one, so it is very popular among the elite. But today in the market, the number of indiscriminate charges, and the vast majority, drug testing is unqualified. Therefore, the Taiwan Center has cooperated with Turkey's national food manufacturer – Torku- to follow the ancient method and add modern food technology, while checking the barriers at every level. From the cultivation of olive and laurel trees, to the refining of essential oils, the synthesis and refining of soap, strict control can be carried out in order to produce fat meows (classic hallerpo soap) that are free of pesticides, preservatives, chemical additives or artificial flavors, as well as non-acidic, non-alkaline, non-harmful, non-allergenic. Because the natural extract is additive-free, it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Qiu Zhenyu said: "Adults and children, as long as you take a bath, wash from head to foot, a piece of fat meow can be done." Let Meow Meow wash with you this winter. Because of you, Meowth is never alone. The Taiwan Center will not only be committed to improving the lives of refugees and the harmonious coexistence of the Turkish-Syrian people in the city of Reyhanle, but also combining the most touching first-hand stories and the best specialties of the two countries into a profound gift to the world. Video link: https://youtu.be/XKI5STKdFdU https://youtu.be/e4dt6MWMJp4 https://youtu.be/Kfw2mBIt-IU    

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