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"Project 1001 Meows" Refugee Women Empowerment Project

Project 1001 Meow is a collaboration between the Taiwan Reyhanli Centre and five other local non-profit organizations in Reyhanli, Turkey. The project teaches Syrian and Turkish women about delicate handicrafts using traditional weaving techniques and lively modern designs to create unique and heartwarming gifts. The final products include hand-woven Meow bath bags and Fat Meows (Classic Aleppo Soap).

The hand-woven Meow bath bags are a special feature of the 1001 Meow Project. Each woman is encouraged to turn her unique escape experience into a Meow story. As a result, each woman is able to create their own unique Meow bath bag designs. The project allows women to engage in productive behavior without leaving home, offering them the best way to regain their personal dignity and socio-economic status. “For every Meow soap, there is a Meow story. Every Meow story is worth listening,” says CEO Chen yu Chiu. The project empowers women to share their stories, providing a platform for their voices to be heard. The hand-woven Meow bath bags a reminder that despite the war and the suffering, hope still exists.

The Fat Meow soaps (Classic Aleppo soap) are another special feature of the 1001 Meow Project. Made with organic virgin olive oil and bay fruit oil, Aleppo soap has been used for over 2,000 years, and it’s still famous all over the world. The soap is produced in the second largest city in Syria, Aleppo, with precious organic oils combined in a golden ratio of four to one. The Taiwan Reyhanli Centre has partnered with Turkey’s national food manufacturer, Torku, to follow the ancient method and add modern food technology while checking barriers at every level. From cultivation to refining essential oils and soap, strict control ensures that the final Fat Meows are free of pesticides, preservatives, chemical additives, or artificial flavors, and non-acidic, non-alkaline, non-harmful, and non-allergenic. Because the natural extract is additive-free, it’s suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

The Taiwan Reyhanli Centre is not only committed to improving the lives of refugees and the harmonious coexistence of the Turkish-Syrian people in the city of Reyhanli but also combining the best specialties of the two countries into a profound gift to the world. Every purchase of Meow products directly supports the lives of Syrian and Turkish women and their families. By buying Meow products, you’re not just getting a unique, handmade product, but you’re also contributing to the empowerment of women, strong women by providing them with economic opportunities and a voice to tell their stories.

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