Art education

"What is art?" Is it a valuable piece that is hanging at auction? No, art should be a microcosm of life; Art should be the cure for people's hearts. Syrian artist Abdel Baseer joined the center team after creating the western mural painting "The Road Home" in the Taiwan Center. In Abdul using his brush to practice his ideas, children curiously watching around him, every Syrian here is like a torn and destroyed masterpiece, twelve years of hatred, twelve years of indifference, twelve years of violence, twelve years of blood, and continues to ravage Syria, and not far away in the West the same drama, as a war refugee, deeply know that only love and peace are the only solution to the conflict.   "Love requires action." Abdul Abdul Abbasil is using his brush to convey his love to the world, to Syrians who have been almost forgotten by the world.   Artist Abdul Abdul Abbasil paints dreams and hopes in the heart of Taiwan, with children in Reyhanle City. With art education courses as practical actions, children in Reyhanle City have a better childhood and future! Implementation period: From September 2022, as long as children are willing to draw, immediate guidance. Implementation method: small class system on weekdays, individual guidance, large-scale floor chalk painting on holidays. Number of beneficiaries: At least 25 beneficiary children per week.

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