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【Warm Return and International Recognition Again! The “Maram Foundation” and “Taiwan Center” Embark on a Deep Collaboration】

We previously shared with our community how “Maram Foundation” and “Taiwan Center “ have worked together for the past few months. They have organized many activities,supporting hundreds of children to cope with the trauma as a conscequence of the natural disaster happened recently and to adjust to the new surroundings.

This month, Taiwan Center and Maram Foundation are collaborating once again. They have provided 450 cute school bags and pencil cases to children who lost their homes after  the earthquakes.

You might wonder : why these everyday stationery items are so important? 

In fact, in Turkey, the current inflation led into rising prices of daily necessities. School supplies for children, including stationery and other items become expensive. This situation is particularly challenging for those who have been displaced by earthquakes and were forced to move to Reyhanlı city { a city in Hatay province in the south of Turkey} , including both : the disaster victims and the refugees. For them, ensuring that their children can go to school has become a heavy financial burden.

As a result, it is common to see children in the affected areas going to school without school bags. They carry just a notebook and a pen, all of the stationery they possess.

As the new school bags and stationery were supplied to the Taiwan Center earlier This month, it brought so much happiness to hundreds of children! “Impatiently waiting for geting  the school bags, kids were too excited and grateful.

These gifts do not only provide warmth but also bring happiness and hope.

The collaboration between Taiwan Center and Maram Foundation will continue, with long-term plans ahead. Maram Foundation intends to establish a dedicated “Children’s Counseling Room” at Taiwan Center. This room will offer children guidance, psychological counselling and mental health support. Additionally, they will design various engaging activities for the local children, aiming to assist them in achieving physical and mental health development.

We feel incredibly honoured as, over the past few years, our hard work has been recognized by an increasing number of prominent international organisations. This recognition has led to deeper collaborations. Maram Foundation, with its extensive experience of over 10 years in assisting Syrian refugees, is a highly reputable international organisation committed to promoting equality and harmony among different ethnic groups. Due to our collaboration and being acknowledged by them, we are overwhelmed with great gratitude !

With Maram Foundation‘s expertise in children’s and women’s issues, we believe that “Taiwan Center “ will be able to provide better assistance to the thousands of children and women in the local community.

This event is just the beginning. Going forward, we will continue our efforts and work together to bring hope and positive change to more people in need.

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