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Missing Syria| Aleppo soap gift box


Box contents: Aleppo soap (200g)*5, random meow bundle pocket*1 Assembled and stored using a cylinder gift box

World Citizenship Center | buildings are meant to make people more equal . Today's refugees, who may also be successful businessmen in the competition industry, whose income used to be a day's income, are now a year's income. No one wants to leave their families displaced and sleeping on the streets Hard work, expertise needs to be seen… Missing Syria | Aleppo soap gift box This gift box is a product launched by the Taiwan-Rey Hanle Center in 2022 and contains five Aleppo handmade soaps and a meow bundle pocket. From its inception to its smooth operation, the Taiwan Center has received help from all parties, countless nobles and well-wishers, allowing the Taiwan Center to support more and more people in Reyhanle, whether Syrians or Turks, women or children, who have found another possibility in life. Out of full gratitude, the Taiwan Center hopes that everyone who receives the gift box can feel the blessings from Syria and Turkey! Aleppo handmade soap Aleppo handmade ancient soap from Syria has a long history, recorded in the ancient Roman period 2,000 years ago, and is loved by the upper class. Aleppo soap is made from olive oil and bay fruit oil. The moisturizing olive oil combined with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of bay fruit oil make it a product suitable for all skin types. It can be used for bathing, shampooing or shaving. Formula: 35% laurel fruit oil, 65% olive oil, glycerin, sodium hydroxide and water Weight: 200g Meow Bundle Pocket The Meow Bundle Pocket is the result of a partnership between the Taiwan Center and five local non-profit organizations in Rey Hanle, a partnership that has so far brought together more than 300 Syrian and Turkish women to weave practical bundle bags with their own creativity. It has a variety of uses, not only can it be convenient to carry Aleppo soap, but also can be used as a small bag for carry-on items, and can also be put in a warm bag in winter, warming the heart and hands! Each meow bag is woven from 100% wool and has the weaver's signature on the back, each representing a story. Size: Diameter 12-15 cm Please note that the drawdown pocket style cannot be selected Meow Meow Social Enterprise | send refugees' hard work to the world Taiwan Center provides refugees from Syria with the opportunity to connect with the world on top of vocational training Flight is temporary, The reconstruction of life is a lifetime Let them stand up with their own strength!


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