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Weave dreams on your hand | 1001 Meow Bundle Pocket| Migro Meow


Material: 100% wool pure hand-woven Size: diameter 12~15 cm, because it is hand-woven, the size is slightly different, please refer to the actual product This product is shipped according to the actual quantity, and pre-order cannot be accepted

Beautiful Hen Social Enterprise | life can find its way out

Work and production are the best way to heal everyone traumatized by the scourge of war and to regain their personal dignity and socio-economic status.

Weave dreams into your hand | 1001 meow bundle pocket

The birth of the meow bundle pocket originated from the "1001 Meow Project"

In this plan

The Taiwan Center partners with five nonprofit organizations based in Reihanle

Helping Syrian and Turkish women to develop their ideas

Use some yarn, a little patience

And a childish heart

Weave unique pieces

The back of the meow is embroidered with the name of the maker

The proceeds after deducting costs will be fully returned to the producer

Every bundle pocket

All give the producer an extra strength to support their families

May the Meow Bundle Pocket bring hope to the people of Reihanle

Bring you more joy!

Material: 100% wool

Size: 12-15 cm in diameter, each bag varies slightly in size due to handmade

Beautiful Hen Social Enterprise | Taiwan Center Women's Cooperative

Syrian refugees join with local Turkish women

Every purchase you make is a direct source of income for women

Life is not easy to send people under the fence to allow children a future

Your support gives disadvantaged women the opportunity to become self-reliant!


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Weave dreams on your hand | 1001 Meow Bundle Pocket| Migro Meow