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A symbol of resilience in life | hand-woven roses in Damascus


Damascus hand-woven rose Frame edge: 36.5cm*36.5cm

Beautiful Hen Social Enterprise | save the child first to help the mother
Syrian refugees have come to Turkey after losing their homes, hoping for a future for their children
To save the child, we must first help the mother, so that the mother has income, and the child has food and books
By buying goods handmade by Syrian women, you are helping a family!

A symbol of resilience of life| hand-woven roses in Damascus Madiha from Palmyra, Syria It is a great city and a cultural center of ancient civilizations Mattiha raised her three children here, and in her spare time, she loves embroidery, and she has a good craft inherited from her mother However, the civil war disrupted Matiha's life, and she was forced to flee her hometown to strange Turkey For the sake of her family, she often embroidered until midnight, just to finish the work early, So that friends can sell it on the Internet She earns 20-50 lira (40-100 Taiwan dollars) a month, which is an astronomical amount for a Syrian refugee family in Turkey, which can provide a few meals, but it does not allow the child to get a good education. Mattiha's youngest son was admitted to the medical department, but the tuition fee of 3,000 lira a year is an astronomical amount for the family. Finally, the youngest son studied mechanical engineering and worked part-time as a carpenter, earning 10 lira (NT$20) a week This year, Mattiha was introduced to the Taiwan Center, which she thought was just another place where she could sell her work However, the CEO of the Taiwan Center genuinely appreciates her embroidery: "What a beautiful craftsmanship! Would you like to cooperate with the Taiwan Center?" This time, Mattiha's talent was seen The roses she embroidered are not only beautiful, but also show the endless strength of life The lines patiently outlined by the needle symbolize her perseverance and resilience with countless Syrian women Mattiha said: "Embroidery is an art and my way of raising children. This rose of Damascus means a lot to me In the time of displacement, through her, I seem to be able to smell the smell of my hometown, alleviating the pain of my life I hope that this rose can go to every corner of the world, so that people around the world can know how much Syrians love their homeland The sincerest hope of the Taiwan Center is that thousands of families like Mattiha can change their destiny through their own strength Each work is made by their own hands, and the proceeds after deducting the cost will be fully returned to the maker With your hands, bring this resolute Damascus rose to all corners of the world! Beautiful Hen Social Enterprise | Taiwan Center Women's Cooperative Syrian refugees and local women in Turkey join Every purchase you make is a direct source of income for women Life is not easy Send people under the fence to promise children a future Your support gives vulnerable women the opportunity to become self-reliant!


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