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Connect the world with love | customize unique portraits of furry children


Customize your one-of-a-kind portrait of your fur child! ~Fire painting from Turkey~ Size: Length: 55cm Width: 45cm Please note! The production time of customized products takes 1~2 months plus the delivery time, and the waiting period is about 2~3 months from the time the order is placed to the receipt of the goods

World Citizen Center | architecture is about making people more equal Today's refugees, Once and may also be successful businessmen in the competition Country hosting refugees Carrying the yoke of the two peoples Humanitarian aid, Regardless of race or region Connecting the world with love| custom pet portrait Saleh is a Turkish volunteer teacher at the center of Taiwan He has taught countless children in Reyhanle Continue to education after retirement Helping friends big and small in Syria at the Taiwan Center Make them more adaptable to their new environment However, Shari also has another identity, and he is a fire painting artist, also known as hot painting, and there is a beautiful name called fire needle embroidery, which refers to the use of a kind of iron pen, using high temperature to burn the color layers on the wooden board, and it takes a long time to focus to burn beautiful lines. Shari once studied with a master fire painting in Hatai Province, and after years of practice and creation, whether it is painting objects, street scenes, animals, or people, you can draw extremely real images, imprint the time in the painting into eternity, in order to promote the beauty of the art of fire painting Shari began to draw portraits of pets He used incomparably meticulous patience Lines of every hair are outlined One by one Bring pet portraits to life If you have a pet in your heart Always with you like family Might as well let the fire in the sand Capture the memories and beauty of that moment Notes:

  1. Please provide 1-3 high-resolution photos of the furry child, and Shari will choose the most suitable one
  2. In order to cooperate with international collection delivery, the portrait will not be received until 2-3 months after the order is placed

Meow Meow Social Enterprise | connects the world with love Taiwan Center provides refugees from Syria with the opportunity to connect with the world on top of vocational training Flight is temporary, The reconstruction of life is a lifetime Invite you to lend a hand, Let's connect the world and help refugees rebuild their lives with the power of all will!


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