The Taiwan - Reyhanli Centre for World Citizens​


The International Association for Humane Architecture Education, a corporate legal person, applied from the Ministry of the Interior, and has been reviewed and obtained a solicitation name. For donations, please see the donation page in the upper right corner.

While associations are authorized to accept donations in many countries, associations in Turkey are not. Furthermore, domestic and foreign associations are not legally permitted to engage in international trade. This could create challenges in exporting the handmade goods made by Syrian women from Turkey to Taiwan. Therefore, in addition to associations, it is necessary to establish social enterprises in both countries. The collaboration between enterprises and associations can facilitate the smooth flow of funds, enabling donations to reach their intended beneficiaries in a timely and efficient manner.

At the Taiwan Reyhanli Centre, we have been able to successfully help over 500 Syrian refugee families through our collaborative efforts. Our team has grown from two individuals to an international team of over 30, all working towards the same goal. We post frequent updates on our Facebook page and podcasts here (include CTA).

It is true that the city of Reyhanli in Turkey is a place that Taiwanese cannot see, because there are mafia, terrorists, local eyesight, and government wrestling….This is the darkest place that Taiwanese can’t see A place, and a place where we want to lend a helping hand!

The generation of refugees isdue to the oppression of the country’s national system. Syrians are not accepter by Europeans, and they are not accepted by most countries. And the situation of Taiwanese in the world is also oppressed. Under the principle of one China, Taiwan has not yet been able to join WHO. Every citizen can have power to change! Change Taiwan’s status in the world through the strength of each of us Taiwanese!

Dr. Chen Yu Chiu’s background is primarily in architecture and history. However, his volunteer work at the center as a founding director, and collaborations with NGOs and grassroots organisations suggest that he has gained experience in social work-related areas. Also, the center requires collaboration with NGOs, the business sector, and grassroots organisations, and it involves planning, design, and implementation of related projects. Therefore, while social work experience could be helpful, it is not the sole factor determining the success of the center’s work.

To make a donation, kindly visit the donation page located in the upper right corner.