The International Humane Building Education Association, a corporate legal person, applied from the Ministry of the Interior, and has been reviewed and obtained a solicitation name. For donations, please see the donation page in the upper right corner.

Associations can accept donations, but associations in Turkey cannot accept donations. Therefore, if the associations are established in Taiwan and Turkey, the kindness of the donors will not be able to reach the place where they are needed. In addition, domestic and foreign associations cannot conduct international trade. If there are only associations, Syrian women’s handmade goods will not be able to be exported from Turkey to Taiwan. Therefore, in addition to associations, social enterprises need to be established bilaterally. Only through the combination of enterprises and associations can the flow of money be carried out smoothly.

Unbelievable without real experience! From the beginning of 2 people to an international team of more than 30 people, from Turkey to Taiwan, the Taiwan Center has worked together to help more than 500 Syrian refugee families. It is a miracle! Miracles can only be witnessed! We will try our best to update the daily events of the Taiwan Center through Facebook and podcasts so that everyone can witness this miracle together!

It is true that the city of Reyhanle in Turkey is a place that Taiwanese cannot see, because there are mafia, terrorists, local eyesight, and government wrestling…. This is the darkest place that Taiwanese can’t see A place, and a place where we want to lend a helping hand!

The generation of refugees is due to the oppression of the country’s national system. Syrians are not accepted by Europeans, and they are not accepted by most countries… And the situation of Taiwanese in the world is also oppressed. Under the principle of one China, Taiwan has not yet been able to join WHO. Every citizen can have the power to change! Change Taiwan’s status in the world through the strength of each of us Taiwanese!

The problem of refugees is a combination of political, social, and economic problems. To solve such a complex problem, it cannot be solved only by the background of professional social workers. Especially in the face of huge transnational issues, it is even more necessary for professionals from all walks of life to join in. The problem of refugees is not just a problem for Turkey, but a problem for the whole world. By actually getting involved and giving everyone a place to contribute, this can be done!