ASUS Regenerative Computer Multimedia Digital Creative Unit Education Project

Why build a multimedia digital creative unit? The beneficiaries of the “Taiwan-Reihanle Center for Global Citizenship” development are mainly vulnerable refugee women and children. The multimedia digital creative unit reached the focus of the assistance mainly vulnerable children at the border, including refugee children from Syria and vulnerable children from Turkey. In a digital multimedia generation, the network has no borders, as long as there is a way to use and know how to use information equipment, everyone has an equal opportunity to touch the corresponding knowledge, information in the digital age is without any geographical restrictions and barriers, in the digital world everyone can grasp the initiative to obtain knowledge. Therefore, information education is extremely important in this context, and the construction of multimedia digital creative units allows disadvantaged children on the Turkish-Syrian border to have access to information education, and through the combination of unit construction and curriculum development, software and hardware, disadvantaged children in border areas have equal rights and opportunities and fully develop their potential. Photo 5: Syrian children on the border expecting access to information education. After the completion of the hardware construction of the multi-media digital creative unit based on recycled environmental protection materials, we look forward to recruiting local refugees with computer teaching skills to become resident computer teachers of the Centre, and introduce volunteers with computer teaching skills to assist and train refugee professional computer teachers in the local area through cooperation with domestic tertiary colleges, combined with multimedia creative solutions for weekly teaching. The teaching plan is initially planned to be a 1-hour computer skills course twice a week, with interactive creative teaching methods for computer teaching, and the teaching content is flexibly adjusted from the most basic Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint application to Google Cloud functions according to the age and needs of the participating groups. Most of the participants are vulnerable refugee women and school-age children aged 8-18. During non-teaching hours, multimedia digital creative units are open for self-directed digital learning and multimedia creative activities are held from time to time. “Imaginary ASUS Computer” art production activity          

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