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A century-old silk scarf from Turkey | dyed leaves


Scarf length Length 171cm Width 68cm Silk scarf color: leaf green denim blue, berry red, light gray, dark gray, grayish purple

World Citizen Center | buildings are meant to make people more equal Today's refugees, Once and possibly successful businessmen in the competition Refugee-hosting countries Burdened with the yoke of the two peoples Humanitarian aid, regardless of race and region A century-old leaf-dyed silk scarf from Turkey |Spring 2020 We are in the countryside of Hathi Province, Turkey Discover a centuries-old leaf dyeing technique Locals use the beauty of nature Dyeing rustic and beautiful blues, reds, yellows and grays For the people of Reyhanle And to preserve this precious skill, we worked with mothers in Turkey and Syria to create our own leaf-dyed silk scarves — leaf green, denim blue, berry red, and lots and lots of more. These scarves are the softest proof of transnational friendship and cooperation No matter where we come from Far from the relentless war You and I are citizens of the world Taiwan Center upholds the spirit of global citizenship Caring and tolerant to those in need And pursuing mutual assistance, cooperation and common good, let us use the power of tenderness to bring more possibilities to the people of Rey Hanle

Meow social enterprises | send the hard work of refugees to the world Taiwan Center provides refugees from Syria with the opportunity to connect with the world on top of vocational training Escape is temporary, Life reconstruction is a lifetime Let them stand up with their own strength!


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