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Actuarial mommy's family bookkeeping| Youyou birthday fundraising plan


Gift box contents: Aleppo soap (200g)*5 Assembled and stored using a cylindrical gift box

Words from Sandy Rabbit…

Last year's Youyou's birthday theme was cars, and this year's Youyou's birthday theme was astronauts, and I prepared space balloons and planetary hanging cloths to help him celebrate his birthday.

Every year when preparing children, I remind my children that there are many children who can't buy cakes and gifts for their birthdays, they may not be able to get together with their parents and parents, and even if they are sick and need treatment, they may be homeless, and we have so much happiness can help them.

Every birthday since Youyou was one year old, I would launch a public welfare activity to try to tell him the importance of giving back, which he didn't understand when he was too young in the previous years, but I decided to keep doing it, and when he grew up one day, looking back and naturally knowing the important things his mother wanted to tell him in life.

As I turn four this year, I finally managed to start this conversation, and my children would ask me, "Who is this helping?" "I'll help when I grow up." He was celebrating himself and wondering what he could contribute.

Our children are lucky enough to ask their parents for gifts, laugh in the dim light of candles on birthday pairs, think about their luck and gratitude when they celebrate their birthdays happily, and use their little strength to help children in need.

I asked Youyou, "Can you share some gifts for these children?" You said generously, "Yes!" "Then can I ask my aunts and uncles to take the money from the gifts to buy things that can help these children?" Then you won't get a gift!" The child hesitated and said, "Yes, my car can be given to them!"

I think he's starting to understand.

In the past few years of the epidemic in 2019, 2020 and 2021, children are too young and not suitable for group gathering, so we chose to donate in kind.

In the first year, a total of 13 cans of milk powder were collected for infant donations.

The following year, several boxes of diapers were donated to foster families.

In the third year, thanks to my self-media alliance lecturer friends for their support, the cost of holding online public welfare lectures was absorbed by themselves, and all donations were made, and the teachers paid for their own pockets to increase the weight.

The fourth year, that is, this year, we decided to cooperate with Taiwan's Rey Hanle World Citizen Center to help mothers under the fire of war support their children with their own hands, many stories we don't know are happening, these refugee women, children face the death of their husbands and family members when fleeing for their lives, and they have no resistance in the face of the epidemic in a harsh environment, but a group of Taiwanese ran to the border of Syria and Turkey to build a building where they can live and support themselves, and use Taiwanese standards to guide production. Let them be able to feed their children themselves.

In recent years, the development of the international situation, the economic situation, the virus crisis and even the impact of the war have affected the whole body, as citizens of the world, we will be affected by our borders, everyone is the same, as human beings, where we have the ability to reach is to help people.

I also hope that those of you who hear these stories will be willing to extend a hand of friendship to make the world a better place.

Buy a handmade soap made by moms with their hearts and give moms the opportunity to create the future with their own hands.

World Citizenship Center | buildings are meant to make people more equal . Today's refugees, who may also be successful businessmen in the competition industry, whose income used to be a day's income, are now a year's income. No one wants to leave their families displaced and sleeping on the streets Hard work, expertise needs to be seen… Missing Syria | Aleppo soap gift box This gift box is a product carefully launched by Taiwan-Reyhanle Center in 2022, and contains five Aleppo handmade soaps. From its inception to its smooth operation, the Taiwan Center has received help from all parties, countless nobles and well-wishers, allowing the Taiwan Center to support more and more people in Reyhanle, whether Syrians or Turks, women or children, who have found another possibility in life. Out of full gratitude, the Taiwan Center hopes that everyone who receives the gift box can feel the blessings from Syria and Turkey! Aleppo handmade soap Aleppo handmade ancient soap from Syria has a long history, recorded in the ancient Roman period 2,000 years ago, and is loved by the upper class. Aleppo soap is made from olive oil and bay fruit oil. The moisturizing olive oil combined with the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of bay fruit oil make it a product suitable for all skin types. It can be used for bathing, shampooing or shaving. Formula: 35% bay fruit oil, 65% olive oil, glycerin, sodium hydroxide and water Weight: 200g Meow Meow Social Enterprise | to send refugees to the world Taiwan Center provides refugees from Syria with the opportunity to connect with the world on top of vocational training Fleeing is temporary, Rebuild life is a lifetime Let them stand up with their own strength!


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Actuarial mommy's family bookkeeping| Youyou birthday fundraising plan